As Your Constable

The questions below are some that I have been asked by citizens I have spoken with.  They are questions that I believe are legitimate ones deserving of an answer and that may interest a wide range of voters.

What are my politics?

I am a republican by affiliation.  With regard to law enforcement, I am non-partisan.  I believe all law enforcement agencies should be non-partisan and should serve all citizens equally regardless of party affiliation.  With regard to the Constable’s office specifically, I sincerely believe that as the Justice of the Peace Court is the people’s court, so is the Constable’s office the people’s police department.  By that I mean the Constable’s Office is often the closest and most accessible to individual citizens in non-enforcement as well as enforcement situations.  As such, Constable’s can and should provide services not always provided by other law enforcement agencies and be involved in the community in ways not always attainable to all law enforcement agencies.  The Constable’s Office by its very nature is unique in law enforcement being one of the only two entities to be constitutionally mandated to serve civil papers and orders of the court.  Additionally, Constables, in their roles as peace officers, are able to and should provide additional, more traditional, law enforcement services along with local, county, state, and federal law enforcement.

Why do you want to hold this office?

I am very excited about the future of the Constable’s Office under my leadership.  In a sense, that is why I decided to run.  I have no desire to assume an office where there are no challenges and no room for improvement for service delivery to the community.  I see this office as an opportunity to provide the community with value added law enforcement.  I simply want to deliver the professional law enforcement services we all deserve.  The Constable’s Office has a very simple one dimensional State constitutional mandate to serve civil process and serve as the bailiff for the Justice of the Peace Court.  But, because Constables and their Deputies are commissioned peace officers, (QUOTE HERE) as are other state, county, and local officers, they have the opportunity, and I believe the responsibility, to serve the community by servicing their constitutional imperative, but also providing more traditional law enforcement services as well as those services no longer traditionally provided by law enforcement.

What will you bring to this office? 

Professionalism, accountability, service, proactive, involved

In a word, professional law enforcement.  I know that is three words but I assure you I am much better at leading a law enforcement agency than I am at math.  I beleive the community deserves a professional law enforcement agency – the one they are already paying for and have the right to expect, and in fact, demand.

As your constable, I will strive not just to address our constitutional mandate of serving civil and other court papers and serving as bailiff for the justice court, but to provide additional professional law enforcement in Precinct 5.  My deputies and I will work closely with the Buda Police Department and the Hays County Sheriff’s Office to better serve the needs of the community when law enforcement intervention becomes necessary.  In terms of other value added services, we will be involved in our schools, provide close patrol services when requested, enforce traffic laws, work motor vehicle crashes, unlock cars, provide traffic control when necessary, and work closely with community groups to address their concerns.  I will be a constable who is accessible, responsive, and engaged. I will be a constable people know and respect.  I will bring quality public service to an office whose reason for existing is just that – to serve the public.

What qualifies you to hold this office?

First, I meet and far exceed the basic qualifications to hold the office.  STATE WHAT THEY ARE  Also, I am the only candidate who has earned the Civil Process Proficiency designation from the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement.  Additionally, I have been a law enforcement officer since 1977.  The majority of that time was spent in supervisory and command level positions.  I have worked in all divisions except juvenile.  I have successfully worked virtually every type of criminal case from bicycle thefts to multi million dollar white collar crimes – from minor assaults to serial aggravated sexual assaults, from shootings and stabbings to triple homicides.  I am well versed in police procedures, patrol tactics, report writing, and criminal law.  In fact, I hold an Instructor’s Certificate and have taught courses in those and other areas for law enforcement academies, colleges, and in-service training.  I am trained, qualified, and prepared to address any law enforcement situation that may arise.

Your election slogan is “Serious Law Enforcement for a Stronger Safer Community.”  What does that mean to you?

A strong community is one that has partnered with local law enforcement to form a bond whose sole purpose is to exchange ideas and information intended to  provide a stronger safer community.  It is one where local law enforcement agencies have partnered and working closely with each other and the community to provide personal professional services to all regardless of race, color, creed, sexual orientation, and religious affiliation.

How will you accomplish that?

First, by partnering with the community.  Law enforcement does not exist in a vacuum.  It exists in the real world we all live in.  Law enforcement agencies, despite their best efforts, cannot succeed without the assistance of the community.

Second, by being engaged, visible, and responsive to community needs.  You can not accomplish that by sitting in your office waiting on civil papers to be delivered and hoping no one finds out who you are or questions what you do or don’t do.  You accomplish that by engaging in proactive patrol, by talking with members of the community, by seeing and being seen, by addressing needs unique to the community or the situation.

What can we expect from you as Constable?

You will have a professional Constable’s office that does more than service the basic constitutional mandate – one that is visible, accessible, responsive, engaged, and focused on service to the community.  You will have a constable’s office you can be proud of.  One that serves as a model for other offices.  One that sets the bar higher than is required.

Why should I vote for you instead of another candidate?

If you believe the community deserves a professional Constable’s office that does more than service the basic constitutional mandate, one that is visible, accessible, responsive, engaged and focused on service to the community, voting for me is the best decision.  A vote for me is a vote for safety and security for you and your family. It is a vote for professional law enforcement.  It is a vote for a stronger safer community for us all.

What is the current Constable not doing or doing wrong?

Cost savings…no new deputies for SO  Use the ones we have

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